Intraoral Camera

Intraoral CameraOur office uses an intraoral camera as a tool to illustrate what the doctor can see in the mouth. It is an invaluable aid in explaining your diagnosis to you as it allows us to see precise pictures of your mouth, teeth, and gums. The camera itself is very small and easily fits in the mouth comfortably. The lens is only a few millimeters long and has the ability to focus in a small area. With these enlarged and defined images, we can make sure that no important details are missed.

The intraoral camera allows us to save your images on the computer so that we maintain an accurate record of treatment. These photos can also be used as a reference for specialist referrals, for insurance company pretreatment estimates, and for giving accurate information to the dental lab.


Extraoral Camera

ExtraOral CameraThe extra oral camera is used in our office to take before and after pictures of patients having cosmetic procedures, teeth whitening, and orthodontics. It is a great way to see what dentistry can accomplish for you.


Waterlase MD

The Waterlase MD is a YSGG (Yttrium Scandium Galladium Gallium) laser that makes the art of dentistry easy and enjoyable for the patient and dentist. It uses the propulsion of water to vaporize the intended tissue. This technology has the ability to achieve the following…

  • YSGG LaserPerform fillings on baby teeth without anesthetic
  • Performs small, noninvasive fillings on adults who are unable or choose not to get numb
  • Performs frenectomies (releases the tight muscle attachments in upper lip and under the tongue to relieve those who are”tongue-tied”)
  • Performs crown lengthening
  • Performs atraumatic extractions
  • Performs gum recontouring and reshaping for esthetics

Here’s what both patients and dentist are saying about it…

  • Reduces patient fear and anxiety of injections and drills by eliminating the need for anesthesia in treating baby teeth and some adults.
  • Performs minimally invasive restorations
  • Performs everyday procedures more efficiently
  • Performs more types of procedures without referrals
  • Feel excited about dentistry again